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Maria McCann

Organisational Psychologist and Head of Practice for Data & Digital Solutions, The Project Foundry

Maria’s role is to work with business leaders on aspects related to data strategy, AI and analytics, embracing digital technologies, and supporting and enabling workforces to drive business outcomes. She works with businesses to execute their strategies to leverage data and as a strategic asset and support employees to utilise the technologies available to them. The result is a data and digitally agile organisation, driven by its employees, innovative and creating value for its stakeholders. 

Maria previously worked for the HSE as eHealth Advisor to three CIOs and the former Director of the Health Identity Management Services in HSE; She was responsible for the identity management service, the delivery of the Individual Health Identifier (IHI) for individuals as well as unique identifiers for practitioners of health services. She was National lead for the Data and Informatics Programme for the HSE UKR crisis responsible for creating a system of record for Ukrainian displaced citizens; which has grown to be a system of health record for all International Protectants; she was the Programme lead for Human Digital Transformation, centred around programmes of digital and data transformation education and collaboration for employees. Finally, Maria was also the co product lead for the Health App currently in development. 

Maria has provided executive level advice, guidance, and support on all areas of transformation with a specific focus on digital and data strategy, organisational development, engagement, innovation, and digital change. Maria is passionate about stakeholder engagement and the creation of a collaboration and innovation environment for organisations. She is an enthusiastic advocate on how technology can impact government services and their delivery.  

With more than 25 years in people focused roles in the public and private sector, Maria uses this experience to put people at the centre of everything she does. Maria is a board member for the charity Spunout and FastTrack to IT, was awarded CIO and IT Leaders Crisis Technology Award in 2023; nominated for HealthTech Ireland Healthcare collaboration award 2023 and believes strongly on the positive impact of diversity and inclusion to drive change. 

Maria has an undergraduate degree in Psychology, an MSc in Computers and Information Systems and an MSc in Organisational Psychology and is currently studying a post graduate diploma in Leadership at UCD Executive Smurfit. 

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