SH Summit 2023

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Smart Health Summit

Digital technologies transforming delivery of health and care

12th September 2023

Croke Park, Dublin

Digital health technologies are here to stay …

Digital health will continue gaining support and momentum empowering citizens and building. We’ve seen during the pandemic the crucial role of technology in delivering virtual care and how telemedicine was established as a major component of delivering care. Going forward, digital will play a pivotal role in the design, delivery and innovation of health and care.

As a result of the pandemic, healthcare systems around the world will continue to invest in and reimagine healthcare to ensure that telemedicine and other digital health technologies are improved and adapted to emerging regulations and ever-changing patient demand.

The evolving digital health landscape will continue gaining support and momentum in empowering citizens and building a healthier society through the greater use of digital products in the sector.

The Business Post’s 2023 Smart Health Summit will take a deep dive into the practical implementation of digital healthcare solutions. We’ll explore how data insights and technology are being used to improve care, access and user experience following the impact of Covid19.

Presentations and discussion sessions at our event will showcase digital tools that are innovating service design, supporting integration, improving population health management and reducing health inequalities.

We are back in Croke Park in-person this year, so join us at this forum for health and care professionals to learn from successful adoptions and practical implementations of digital health and care.

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2022 Agenda


Technology enabling integrated care

Cited as the cornerstone of an eHealth strategy, a national EHR is a comprehensive and combined solution that supports the creation and sharing of key patient information. The business case has been proven, so what are the key developments and enablers needed to implement a national EHR?

  • Key building blocks to be put in place
  • What are the obstacles and how do we overcome them in implementing a national EHR? Lessons learned from other programmes
  • Enablers for transformation across organisational boundaries
  • Can we keep running our health service without an EHR?

Patient experience

Andy shares his insights on European use cases, insights, successes and challenges.


Patient experience

NORDeHEALTH aims to identify the challenges and opportunities in digitalisation of health services, especially when national portals are implemented to give patients online access to their Electronic Health Records and Personal eHealth Services for increasing self-management and transparency in healthcare. Bridget discusses the project and lessons we can learn from the implementation of patient’s access to their health records.


Patient experience

How do we enable safe digital adoption? Liz shares her insights on evaluating digital health tools to anticipate the potential benefits and challenges of adopting them.


Patient experience

  • Putting user experience at the heart of digital systems design
  • Empowering people towards self-management
  • To what extent can we mitigate barriers around health inequalities?
  • Enabling patients and caregivers share their innovations and solutions
  • The self-directed patient: The future of personalised care
  • Harnessing the benefits of assisted technology to improve care pathways

Digital Transformation in healthcare

  • Harnessing the power of data to drive elective recovery and transform the HSE
  • Making the best use of digital technology to support the delivery of efficient, effective and safe care
  • Protecting the privacy of healthcare data in the cloud
  • How AI is transforming the patient journey

Changing healthcare reimbursement models

Our panel discusses how digital health is challenging traditional reimbursement models:

  • How technology is advancing value-based care (VBC)
  • How data is key to VBC delivery
  • Changing healthcare reimbursement models

Opportunities for digital health companies


Opportunities for digital health companies

We start our afternoon showcasing some of Ireland’s top digital health innovators


Apps on prescription?

We’ve invited a range of stakeholders to discuss:

  • The feasibility of an ‘apps on prescription’ scheme in Ireland
  • Development, validation and regulation of apps plus clear pathways
  • towards implementation
  • Strategies for certification and reimbursement across neighbouring

European countries where digital reimbursement is having impact

Introduction from Fruzsina Mezei, Health Economist and Digital Health Consultant, EIT Health France


Apps on prescription?

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National Health Summit highlights

March 27, 2023

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