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Smart Health Summit

Digital technologies transforming delivery of health and care

10th September 2024

Croke Park, Dublin


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Accelerating progress towards a smarter healthcare system

This is an exciting time to be in healthcare. Digital health solutions are driving improvements in service delivery, clinical outcomes and patient experience. From disease prevention and diagnostics to treatment monitoring, advances in technology are transforming health systems and improving patient outcomes. And, while Ireland may be behind the curve when it comes to digital health, we are catching up fast.

The Business Post’s Smart Health Summit is where health and care leaders meet to explore smarter health technology tools and solutions that enhance patient outcomes and productivity. The event attracts hundreds of senior healthcare professionals from around Ireland to hear cutting-edge case studies, inspiring insights from leaders at the frontline of digital healthcare transformation, engage in open and pragmatic discussions about the challenges, failures and real-life successes of navigating digital transformation in healthcare today.

The Business Post’s 2024 Smart Health Summit, an annual 1-day event that brings together healthcare leaders to connect and collaborate for a better healthcare service.

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2024 Sponsors

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2022 Agenda


How a digitally integrated health information system will improve healthcare, patient experience and outcomes  

Principal Officer & Head of Health Information Policy, The Department of Health

Developments in Ireland: Where are we now? Where are we going?

Ireland’s implementation of the EHDS will be a significant milestone in our healthcare journey. With a focus on aligning with EU guidelines, investing in digital infrastructure, engaging stakeholders, and fostering research and innovation, how can we ensure that Ireland can revolutionise healthcare delivery and establish a prominent position in Europe’s healthcare innovation landscape

Adjunct Ass. Professor, School of Medicine Adjunct Ass. Professor, School of Medicine, Trinity College Dublin

Doncaster is the largest Metropolitan Borough in England with a population of 304,200 people.

Katie and Mark discuss how the Integrated Doncaster Care Record (iDCR) joins up information across care pathways and settings so that health and care practitioners have easy access to all the information they need to provide high quality, safe and effective services.

Director of Digital, South Yorkshire Integrated Care Board
VP, UK & Ireland, Orion Health

Policy & Strategy

Our opening discussion focuses on our future ehealth strategy, the Digital Health Strategic Framework 2023-2030, progress with EHR and shared care record programme, the roadmap and investment case for EHR deployment.

Technology & Standards Manager, HIQA (Health Information & Quality Authority
Digital Health Consultant, Researcher and EHR Analyst
Principal Officer & Head of Health Information Policy, The Department of Health
Chief Information Officer, HSE & eHealth Ireland

Towards a harmonised EU landscape for digital health

The roadmap for harmonisation of digital health across Europe is underway. The European Health Data Space (EHDS) intends to provide a trusted and secure cross border digital infrastructure called MyHealth@EU that will connect Member States and will allow individuals to share their health data via access points established by Member States. What is its significance and what are the challenges? Could this initiative be a “gamechanger” for how healthcare is delivered in Europe and how health research is carried out?


Digital Transformation in healthcare

Showcasing the best examples of how digital is enabling health service transformation at scale in the health service. Learn lessons from healthcare leaders who will share their experiences of implementing successful digital transformation programmes.

Chief Information Officer, Tallaght University Hospital
CEO, Mater Private Network
Organisational Psychologist and Head of Practice for Data & Digital Solutions, The Project Foundry
Transformation Practice Lead, The Project Foundry

Better health outcomes enabled by seamless, safe, secure and connected digital health services that support the health and wellbeing of patients and providers is the vision for Ireland’s health and care system. How do we get there from here?

Head of Healthcare Consulting, KPMG
CIO & eHealth Director, HSE Southwest
Group Transformation Director, Blackrock Health

Digital Transformation in healthcare

  • What has been the greatest enabler to meaningful transformation in healthcare?
  • What tools, technologies or approaches to transformation have the real potential to improve health and care outcomes and how do we harness them appropriately to deliver ROI?
  • What problems in healthcare must be addressed to scale access and adoption of data-driven technology to improve patient outcomes?
  • How to ensure policy, guidance and funding are fit for purpose to enable truly connected, integrated, person-centred care
Chief Medical Strategy Officer, Numan, visiting lecturer, UCL Global Business School for Health, Chief Clinical Digital Advisor, ORCHA, UK
Entrepreneur & Broadcaster

What are the most promising transformative applications of generative AI in healthcare?


Healthcare is facing challenges in both recruiting into the sector and equipping the staff it does have with the digital skills they need:

  • What are the skills gaps and what does good look like?
  • Technologies for care: The imperative for upskilling carers
  • How much are we committed to investing in the workforce? 
  • How do we retain staff once we’ve invested in digital upskilling and career development?
  • How do we make a career in health and care more compelling and competitive – how do we attract digital talent?
Communities Director, ECHAlliance
Connected Health & Wellbeing Cluster - Education & Outreach Manager, Dundalk Institute of Technology
Client Services Manager, Aurion Learning
Chief Executive Officer, HealthTech Ireland

Real life AI, data and analytics best practice case studies:

  • Personalising the patient experience
  • Preventative medicine/harnessing the potential of wireless devices
  • How robotics, automation and AI are transforming care delivery
  • How AI is revolutionising drug discovery
Co-founder/CEO, Clinicare Health Group, former CEO, Halo Care
GP, Churchtown Medical, media commentator & columnist
Entrepreneur & Broadcaster
Organisational Psychologist and Head of Practice for Data & Digital Solutions, The Project Foundry

DTx deliver evidence-based therapeutic interventions to patients that are driven by software programmes to prevent, manage, alleviate, or treat a medical disorder or disease. They can be used independently or in combination with medications, devices, or other therapies to optimise patient care and health outcomes, and their aim to is achieve positive clinical outcomes and / or deliver patient relevant improvements in the process and structure of healthcare systems.

  • What routes to market exist and how do you choose the right one for you?
  • Everything you need to know about clinical trial design
  • Innovate, iterate and integrate: Building the right product
  • Funding strategies in digital therapeutics
  • Unifying the DTx ecosystem: how to ensure interoperability and seamless integration of DTx into existing healthcare systems

What are the building blocks for creating a sustainable, patient-centred, efficient healthcare ecosystem?

To see a fully digitised healthcare system you cannot look further than Denmark. As Ireland embarks on a new digital health strategy, what can we learn from the Danish experience? Henrik, who has been behind the vision and design of their national health portal and is an expert in remote patient monitoring, shares his insights on building critical infrastructure for digital health.

CEO,, Denmark

Being a laggard when it comes to digital transformation in healthcare could be to Ireland’s advantage if we grasp the opportunity to do things differently and avoid the same path that’s been trodden by other healthcare systems. If we heed past lessons and adopt innovative new solutions, we have the chance to deliver the step change that’s needed

Digital Health Leader, Professor of Innovation, the Innovation Value Institute, Maynooth University

The place for innovative companies to present ground-breaking technology for digital healthcare. We will give start-up and young companies a wonderful platform to deliver their projects and innovative ideas.

Solutions include:

  • A disruptive motion capture technology platform for gait analysis in healthcare settings
  • A multi-faceted emotional/mental health digital support solution with a private voice diary at it’s core
  • AI-driven solutions to minimise healthcare professionals’ administrative tasks and enhance the quality of patient care
  • A digital tool for patients to access and manage healthcare appointments, while also making the burden of managing multiple appointments easier on healthcare providers
  • An innovative digital health company developing a first-of-its-kind menopausal symptom tracker to guide diagnosis and management of peri-menopause.
CEO, Digital Gait Labs
Co-founder & CEO, identifyHer
founder/CEO, OpaMind
Chief Commercial Officer, Co-Founder, SPRYT
Co-Founder & CEO, MedWrite

Feedback and discussion on each innovation…

Manager, Health Innovation Hub Ireland
Managing Director, EIT Health Ireland-UK
Director for Innovation & Healthcare, GS1 Ireland
Vice Chair, the HBAN MedTech Syndicate
  • AI’s role in changing healthcare delivery
  • Generative AI in healthcare: Legal and operational risks, safety and ethics
  • What are the necessary infrastructure investments needed for scalable AI-enabled solutions?
Consultant Radiologist, Mater Hospital

Shared health and care records remain an essential tool for delivering integrated care. The Lancashire and South Cumbria Shared Care Record is a comprehensive Shared Care Record, which integrates health and social care organisations across Cumbria and Lancashire. We’ll hear how it’s enabling better care outcomes for people no matter which part of the health and care system they use.

Director for Digital Operations and Assurance, Lancashire, and South Cumbria ICB, UK
  • The importance of building trust in digital health 
  • Encouraging patients to take more responsibility in managing their own care, embedding it as the new norm for the younger generations 
  • Upskilling the workforce before the patient 
  • Identifying and overcoming barriers ensuring apps are user friendly 
  • Challenges: Privacy and security concerns, integrating digital health tools with existing healthcare systems
  • How to ensure rollout is inclusive to all
Senior Sales Director, SurveyMonkey
Digital Innovation Lead, HSE Digital Transformation & Innovation
Consultant Radiologist, Member and Clinical Vice Chair, Irish Digital Health Leadership Steering Group (IDHLSG)
Director, NetwellCASALA, Dundalk Institute of Technology

Do DTx work? Insights into a real-life patient’s experience using DTx to treat a disorder


Our panel of innovators explore the highs and lows of the scaling digital health innovations. Learn from their insights as they discuss the challenges, lessons and successes

  • Why do so many pilot projects fail to roll out across the HSE? How do we make pilot projects more easily scalable in the HSE? It should be a key goal
  • Innovation in action : Case studies highlighted by Spark Innovation, presented by the health and care staff who delivered them, to show how implementing guidance leads to innovations in care which benefit patients.
Communities Director, ECHAlliance
Founder & CEO, Grit International Female Network
CEO, Tallaght University Hospital (TUH)

A vision for the future: How we are moving towards an independent federation of digitised patient registries.

Managing Director, HD Health

Case studies and access to market

Hear about the fast-tracked rollout of innovative teledermatology technologies that will  benefit thousands of skin cancer patients nationwide.

Consultant Dermatologist and Co-founder & Medical Director, Allview Healthcare
CEO, AllView Healthcare
Entrepreneur & Broadcaster

Digital leadership and embedding a digital culture of change

Chief Digital Information Officer and Director General, Department for Work and Pensions, UK, former CIO of the HSE
  • Are we seeing a culture shift in attitudes to and adoption of digital technologies? 
  • How are healthcare leaders fostering a culture of digital innovation? 
  • Real life examples of how collaboration with senior management, staff and patients is key to success
  • Sustainability for smart health: The importance of including sustainability throughout all aspects of digital transformation
Chief Digital Information Officer and Director General, Department for Work and Pensions, UK, former CIO of the HSE
Founder & CEO, Wellola

Digital therapeutics (DTx) are changing healthcare delivery with evidence-based technologies that improve patient outcomes: What are the challenges getting these solutions to market?

COO, Beats Medical
Founder & CEO, Salaso Health Solutions Ltd
Co-founder & Chief Robotics Officer, Akara Robotics

Our panel of healthcare technology leaders discuss their top priorities and longer-term investment priorities for the next few years in areas such as artificial intelligence, interoperability, telehealth and RPM, cybersecurity, EHR optimization, precision medicine, and emerging technologies.


Regulation and reimbursement are key to the adoption and implementation of digital health technologies. In addition, the technologies must be equitable and easy to adopt by the workforce and patients – important challenges to adoption include a change of culture, digital literacy, and incentives. Many countries have been slow to update legislation and guidance for this relatively new field in healthcare and struggled with the challenges: data security and privacy, interoperability.

Chief Medical Strategy Officer, Numan, visiting lecturer, UCL Global Business School for Health, Chief Clinical Digital Advisor, ORCHA, UK
Associate Prof of Medical Device Regulatory Affairs, TCD
Entrepreneur & Broadcaster

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Unlocking the Full Potential of the Digital Evolution

September 11, 2023

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