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Louise Callanan

CIO & eHealth Director, HSE Southwest

Louise Callanan was awarded the first inaugural STEM Woman of the Year award in 2023 and is the first female CIO and eHealth Director in the HSE. She is passionate about streamlined access to integrated patient care pathways and evidence based investment decisions to optimise patient outcomes. She is responsible for the HSE eHealth Strategy and Implementation Plan for the HSE South West region. Louise is implementing effective governance for eHealth, Digital and ICT across acute, integrated care and community services so that eHealth investment ratio’s are equitable and prioritised to meet the population and population health need in the south.  

Louise is an established CIO and recognised leader in IT Strategy development and implementation for some of the largest private and public sector organisations in Ireland, the UK and the United States. She is a renowned keynote speaker at CIO and Cyber Security Summit’s, the PMI Congress, ISACA Conferences. A UCC and MTU alumni, Louise holds a Master of Science, MSc. in Project Management, BIS, BBS and is a Member of PMI Ireland Chapter, ISACA Ireland Chapter. Together with her academic partners, Louise established STEM graduate programmes, micro accreditations and masters programmes and is an established visiting lecturer and guest speaker. 

In the last 25 years Louise has held leadership roles on some of the largest public sector transformation and change programmes internationally, most notably

  • Medicaid & Medicare Programmes, the Department of Health & Human Services (USA)
  • Identity & Access Management across the Department of Work and Pensions (UK)
  • Digital Transformation & Change, Department of Transport and Road Safety Authority, Digitalisation of the National Driver’s Licensing Service (Ireland)
  • Digital Transformation & Change, Department of Children and Youth Affairs/Pobal New, and National Childcare Scheme & Early Years Services (Ireland)
  • Strategic Governance and Risk; Ervia & Risk Management International (Ireland)
  • Cyber Strategy, Governance and Risk; Norkom Technologies, BAE Systems, Federal and Local Government (International)

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