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Joe McGuigan

Director for Digital Operations and Assurance, Lancashire, and South Cumbria ICB, UK

Joe has been leading the Shared Care Record Strategy across Lancashire and South Cumbria for the last 2 years but also leads on many aspects of digital healthcare for remote monitoring, virtual wards and integration across a complex health and care system. He brings a wealth of experience, financial and digital having worked in those areas delivering major programmes within the NHS and sees the opportunity to deliver a single approach to viewing people’s records as the perfect challenge; with an ambition and significant desire to make a positive difference for the health of people.

Specifically, Joe

  • Has spent 38 years working within the NHS; bringing together finance and digital as enablers to transform healthcare.  
  • Seen so many reorganisations and knows what works and what doesn’t.
  • Is a professionally qualified accountant (ACMA).
  • Is focussed on delivering better outcomes and greater collaboration.  
  • He quotes, Field of Dreams “If you build it, they will come” but only if we let people know about it; where it is and it is what they need.

With over 38 years’ experience in public sector health finance and informatics; Joe is supporting the development and implementation of systems across the whole of Lancashire and South Cumbria. Specifically, this is to enable clinicians to collaborate and work together across 5 Trusts, 200 GP practices together with staff from councils, nursing homes and multiple agencies for the health and well-being of 1.8m people.

Joe’s ambition is to have a single delivery model across all agencies and partners for publishing and consuming data to support individuals to live better, longer, and healthier lives before he retires. He believes in sharing good practice and learning from others and feels this is something we could all do better.

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