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Henrik Ledgaard Ibsen

CEO,, Denmark

Henrik has a Computer Science background having worked as a developer and project manager before managing Healthcare IT projects for CSC, a leading provider of interoperable, scalable IT healthcare solutions in Denmark, starting in 1997. 

In 2002 Henrik was the lead Architect behind the vision and design to implement the National Health Portal ( which was launched in 2003, and now covers all citizens and healthcare professionals in Denmark. In 2011, his company also developed and delivered the Danish National Service Platform for healthcare IT – integrating and standardising data exchange in healthcare on a national scale in Denmark. With a fully digitised healthcare system, Henrik turned his attention to bringing healthcare to the citizens of Denmark so as to help hospitals become more effective in providing healthcare. The OTH.IO platform has been in full production across Denmark since 2013, and with 9 years of experience in virtual healthcare, Henrik is an authority on the requirements and challenges in scaling up virtual care.

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