SH Summit 2023

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Dr. Sebastian Eckl

Founder and CEO, ProCarement

After studying medicine at FAU in Erlangen and Havard Medical School in Boston, Sebastian worked for six years at hospitals in Erlangen and Nuremberg, focusing on cardiac surgery, radiology and neuroradiology. At the end of his clinical training, Sebastian completed an MBA in health economics at the University of Bayreuth and joined the management consulting department of Siemens Healthineers. There, his core role was as a Project Lead in the digital transformation of clinical pathways in hospitals and health systems. Following on from that dual experience of both healthcare and industry, Sebastian co-founded the start-up, ProCarement GmbH. Made up of a team of physicians, heart failure nurses, IT specialists and business professionals, ProCarement’s goal is to support patients manage chronic diseases such as heart failure remotely.

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