SH Summit 2023

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Declan Murphy

Founder & CEO, Isaac Care

Isaac Care is a unique digital health platform designed to support and enhance the level of care provided within a community setting. Isaac Care does this by harnessing the benefits of assistive technology, combined with high quality care, nurse led remote monitoring and supported through our innovative platform allowing for the right care to be delivered in the right place and at the right time.
Declan has 22 years’ experience in the healthcare sector, he has established Servisource in Ireland, the UK, and India. He has also founded the homecare business “MyHomecare” which now employs over 400 staff throughout Ireland.
He holds a M.Sc. in International Business and an MBA from the University of Reading, UK. He is a qualified Arbitrator, a certified Mediator and holds several other business qualifications.

Declan has successfully led a number of HSE and private projects in staffing and managed services. Most recently Servisource designed, created and managed a number of high-volume campaigns to support the HSE’s COVID 19 response among which was the largest single recruitment drive in the history of the state, recruiting a panel of over 70,000 healthcare staff in the space of 7 days.
Declan has been an advocate for using technology to improve people’s lives, which led to the development of Isaac Care. Isaac stands for Independent Support and Ambient Care. It is a digital health platform designed to enable health services and families to provide the best care possible to people in the comfort of their own homes and communities.

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