SH Summit 2023

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Bridget Kane

Docent, Associate Professor in Information Systems at Karlstad University Business School, Sweden

Bridget is Associate Professor in Information Systems at Karlstad University Sweden. Her research area is in Computer Supported Collaborative Work (CSCW) and Human Computer Interaction (HCI) in healthcare. She has a special interest in the design of work systems that will improve quality and safety in healthcare, while making health services more effective and efficient.

Her PhD in Computer Science (TCD, 2008) was awarded on an analysis of multidisciplinary medical team meetings and the use of ICT. In the past Bridget worked as a Chief Medical Scientist (specialising in Cell Pathology) and Laboratory Information System Manager. She holds an M.Sc. Management (Organisation Behaviour), and M.Sc. (Health Informatics). She is a Registered Medical Scientist with CORU (Ireland) with qualifications FIBMS, CMIAC, FACSLM and CSci.
Bridget’s current research in the NORDeHealth project ( examines patient accessible electronic health records (PAEHR) in Scandinavia. In the past she worked on the SIREN HRB Project focusing on the provision of, and equity of access to, emergency services in Ireland. Issues surrounding more efficient record keeping and tools to enhance collaboration and communication are among her research projects.

Bridget has taught “HCI in Healthcare” to MSc students in Health Informatics at Trinity College. As well as lecturing on a variety of subject areas from time to time, she is an associate lecturer (online) for DCU Business School.
Bridget is a member of the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Medical Informatics (Elsevier) and is also an Associate Editor to the Journal of Behaviour and Information Technology (Taylor & Francis).

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